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It’s 4/20!

Work Comp Marijuana
Marijuana Workers Comp

It’s almost 4/20… Seriously let’s talk about workers comp injuries and marijuana.

What is the first thing that happens if you get hurt on the job and you need medical attention? You get tested for drugs.
Obviously, business owners need to require and encourage Drug-Free workplaces but business owners also need to ask themselves what happens if an employee is injured on the job and it could be marijuana related.

According to NCCI, National Council on Compensation Insurance,

47 states restrict benefits when an employees injury is due to intoxication or drug use.
40 states deny ALL benefits (medical and income) when a workers injury is due to intoxication or drug use.
18 States presume intoxication or drug use is the cause of the accident if the employee tests positive.
13 states deny benefits if an employee refuses to participate in a drug test following an accident.
Only 9 states have anti-discrimination or reasonable accomodation provisions are part of their medical marjuana laws.

If you have questions about your states workers compensation and marijuana laws as they relate to your spray foam business ask Josh for information.


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