Commercial Auto Insurance

Spray Foam Auto Insurance
Commercial auto insurance is very important for spray foam contractors. When you drive or pull your spray foam rig/trailer from jobsite to jobsite with your truck you have a lot more risk then someone just driving from point a to point b. A lot of contractors try to avoid commercial auto insurance because of the cost but commercial auto insurance is the correct coverage for your business. A personal auto policy does not cover your vehicle while it is used for work purposes.
Differences Between Personal and Commercial Auto
Personal Auto
Can Get Business Use Endorsement Sometimes
Extends Liability to the Trailer you pull
Permissive Use You can let anyone use your vehicle and it is covered. Unlike commercial auto insurance if a driver is not listed they are not covered.
Commercial Auto Insurance
Each driver, vehicle and trailer need to be listed on the policy for coverage to extend to them. If a driver, vehicle, or trailer is not scheduled on policy there might be no coverage.
Hired/Non Owned Autos-This endorsement extends coverage to vehicles owned by employees. This coverage is secondary to their personal auto insurance but if they are in an accident most personal auto policies have lower limits of coverage and are exhausted easily.

Every driver must be listed on a commercial auto policy.
Every truck, box van, and trailer need to be listed. If a vehicle is not listed it is not covered.
Please email [email protected] your drivers licenses, vehicle identification numbers, and your current auto policy.