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Our Approach

Our Approach

We like to listen to our customers because they know their business very well.  Most of our clients have a lifetime of construction experience and they have tons of safety knowledge like work site safety training and applicator training.  As much as you know about spray foam we know about spray foam contractors insurance.  We try to ask only the questions we need in order to keep our time short on the phone.  Once we have gathered your information we shop around for you.  Our proprietary quote engine allows us to gather your information once and then shop your company with multiple carriers.  We write thousands of contractors coast to coast every year.

Our Story

The Spray Foam Insurance Guy
Josh Cotner, CRIS

My Story

I grew up working on ranches and in construction like framing and landscaping but one day I was installing a fire place when I fell through a roof.  I had to go to the hospital and was out of work for months.  My knee was banged up pretty bad.  Its been 11 years since that fall.  I still do construction projects all the time but I specialize in insurance for contractors now.  I take classes and pass exams to obtain special credentials.  I am licensed in 11 states currently as of 12/26/2017.

I run a few different websites geared for specialty contractors. Each site has information specific for that trade.