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Pollution Liability

This is the broad insurance that responds to any type of chemical claim for bodily injury or property damage.  This specialty insurance is the last piece in the puzzle for most contractors but if you were in an accident and your chemical drums broke free and spilled into a stream and caused damage or fuel from your equipment/vehicle caused an event this would be the only policy to respond.  This is also the only policy that covers off ratio foam.

General Liability

We have dozens of different programs and policies to choose from.  

We tailor each policy to meet the size, scope, operations for our spray foam insulation contractors.  If you are only doing small repairs why pay thousand’s for insurance when you need a simple policy.  Likewise, if you are doing new tract homes you might need the best insurance money can buy to meet the needs of the general contractor or home builders.


Spray Foam Insulation Workers Compensation insurance is very difficult to get approved and expensive.  The reason is because workers compensation insurance is controlled by the states.  There is also a 22 year tail liability period once someone is injured on the job.  So if someone is hurt today they have 22 years to get assistance and workers comp help. 

We have all sorts of options- traditional compensation insurance and many other options.


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Your certificates of insurance (Acord 25) is available online 24/7 in the Client Portal.  When you purchase insurance you get access to this and can issue a cert for a potential customer, another contractor, or a municipality like a city if you need to pull a permit or get a license.

We have to follow the cancellation policies of the insurance carriers.  However on new business you have 3 days to request cancellation and we return funds in the same manner you paid.  If you paid using Pay Pal your refund is instant.

We know how important your private data is.  We only trust the best names in the business in every aspect.  Here are a few of our vendors.

We you submit a request on this website it is secure.  Every page on this site is https for data integrity.

We utilize DocuSign to complete your documents electronically using your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

We utilize PayPal for our debit/credit card processing software.  PayPal has been around for a long time for a reason.  We don’t store any credit card numbers unless you want to use your credit card for monthly payments.  We do have other credit card methods if you prefer to not use PayPal.

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Don't Buy the Cheapest

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We all understand the need to minimize insurance costs but when you have a claim you are going to want the best coverage money can buy. We try to balance the price that you want to pay with the coverage that you need. Don’t buy more coverage than you need! If you have a question please ask. We love to educate our clients about the real coverage they have. There is no grey area with us. YOU KNOW YOU’RE COVERED!

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The quickest way to get a quote is to call 844-967-5247 but if you want to request a quote please fill out our form and one of our agents will contact you.